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In the old days of business communication, people sent information via telegrams. Then it became the norm to use the telephone for information and to ship documents back and forth through the U.S. mail and through mail courier services. And then came the fax machine. Suddenly, documents including contracts and others could be sent back and forth from one location to another. The needs were simple: Both parties had to have an onsite fax machine or easy access to one. As more and more companies started using the computer for their business needs, they found that they could send certain items as email attachments instead of using a fax machine. For most businesses the added expense of keeping a fax machine has ceased to make sense. For other businesses, the expense of upgrading beyond the fax machine does not make sense for them. But, what happens when these companies need to send information back and forth to each other?

Turning to eFax and other similar services, a business can send faxes without having to have a fax machine on the premises. There are a number of expenses involved with the fax machine. First, there is the cost of the machine itself. Second, there is the cost of the special fax paper and the fax toner. Finally, there is the cost of the service which can be a major part of the company’s IT budget.

If the company does not have a fax machine, though, they can still send and receive faxes through this service which typically costs less than having a traditional fax machine without the investment in equipment, the cost of maintenance and the other associated expenses. With the service, faxes are received via the number that is established, converted to an email attachment and then sent to the company. A reply can follow the same route back to the original company.

The advantages of using eFax and other services are obvious, not only from an IT and investment standpoint but from an ecological standpoint as well. No longer is there any need for rolls and rolls of fax paper to be used by the company. All of the documents that are being faxed back and forth are being generated via email at least on one end. Instead of spending money on a machine that might only be used once or twice if that, the money is better spent on other technology and IT services

 No matter what kind of IT services that you have or plan to have, it is important to always analyze what your company’s needs are or how they are evolving. Years ago, you might have used the fax machine practically every day. As needs changed, the fax machine started being used less and less frequently. When you get down to using the fax machine less than a few times a month, it might be time to start looking at new technology and services. Always discuss your changing needs with  managed service providers.


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