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[18 Oct 2010 | One Comment | 5,445 views]

Managed service providers deal with the delivery as well as management of network based applications and services for a host of clients.  These days, the number of managed service providers specializing in the provision of online data services to their clients is increasing at a very swift pace. To enable MSP’s to boost their operational efficiency, CloudBerry Lab has introduced their “Managed Backup Service”.
CloudBerry Lab, an official Amazon Web Service Solution Provider, offers state of the art services to MSP’s. Amazon S3, an online data storage service, provides unlimited cloud …

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[12 Oct 2010 | No Comment | 4,138 views]

For many people, Telecom Billing OSS has always been a difficult topic to deal with. This has happened largely because people have a very ambiguous perception about the whole thing. In reality, however, telecom billing OSS is not only a simple topic to discuss but also an extremely effective means by which telecom companies can manage their operations in an effective manner. To begin with, OSS stands for operational support system. Notably, this system is used exclusively by the telecommunication service providers and their businesses. OSS and BSS are often …

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[12 Oct 2010 | One Comment | 5,432 views]

Efficient telecommunication tools have made life simpler for us. For business owners, in particular it has become extremely important to adopt effective communication tools that can streamline operations. In the recent times, small and mid sized organizations have become dependent on hosted PBX VoIP systems to improve their communication systems.
There are a number of factors responsible for the increasing popularity of hosted PBX VoIP systems. Some of the factors that deserve a special mention include the following:

Advanced call management facilities

The auto attendant feature for example, handles all the incoming calls. …

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[12 Oct 2010 | 3 Comments | 7,953 views]

An increasing number of contact centers are utilizing, and/or becoming part of a versatile hosted (cloud based) solution known as Cloud Routing. Campaigns, or call volume may dictate that Centers with multiple locations, or several independent centers be made available as a cohesive pool to handle thousands of calls on a permanent basis, or due to media schedule, or even seasonal demand.  
Cloud Routing, in simple terms, refers to a unified queue in the cloud. Call centers with multiple locations, as well as multiple independent centers can be presented seamleslly …

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[4 May 2010 | One Comment | 4,981 views]

The Latest Technology Test Drive
Here’s what you get for being a test driver:

3 months Free use of the telecommunications dashboard/management tool
1 of only 5 entries into the random drawing for a brand new ipad
Posted review from your company on our site (includes company name, location and link)

  One of the 5 participants will also win:
(winners are randomly picked)
Try out a new telecom expense and asset management tool, designed to take telecom hassles out of your hands and  into the hands of able service providers with unbelievable ease! Control your locational spending, enter …

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[15 Dec 2009 | One Comment | 2,323 views]

When your company’s data is down, what are you really losing? Are you just losing some information and some files? For every minute that you are working on restoring files and data that could have been backed up, you are losing valuable time that you could have been spending doing something else- for instance focusing on the growth of your company. You are not just losing time and energy recreating files, you are losing revenue. Seek out a managed service provider to manage the most important aspect of your business …

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[7 Dec 2009 | No Comment | 2,485 views]

What Are Managed Service Providers?
Managed Service is an efficient and effective model allowing for companies to transfer day to day related management of certain functions within their business, to an outside provider, who oversees all or part of that activity.  The providers, known as a Managed Service Providers, charge either a fixed monthly fee or bill according to what or how often they provide.
Managed Services and Managed Service Providers Evolve
Though the managed service model was originally developed to fit enterprise business, it was later redesigned to fit small to medium sized companies whose …

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[12 Nov 2009 | 4 Comments | 1,731 views]

Q: Been reading quite a bit on this topic and would like some clarification.
How does a virtual solution stack up against a traditional hardware based solution including:
ROI (Capex)
Technology Integration with existing infrastructure
Bandwidth reliability and ongoing support
A: The question of Virtual Platforms to support In-House Teams or Virtual Teams has been in high interest in recent years for obvious functional and financial reasons. To respond to your questions:
ROI (Capex):
These items are usually separate in that ROI is a return on investment and CapEx is an actual expenditure or funds applied to …

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[12 Nov 2009 | No Comment | 1,669 views]

As we kick off the second volume of the first  issue of our magazine, I realize how little I actually knew about everything managed service providers can actually do.  For my business of SEO and Web Marketing I am certainly aware of the benefits associated with marketing your business on the internet well.  But I am pretty sure that what most including myself are not clear on, is the financial benefits that enhance the partnership of your business with a managed service provider.  For me in my business the benefit …

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[3 Nov 2009 | No Comment | 1,797 views]

A little professional background on you: 
Started in Telecommunications as an Account Executive with Access Long Distance in Arizona in 1998 selling long distance services to businesses.  The company was then acquired by McLeodUSA where I was involved in rolling out their local products throughout Arizona and building the sales staff.  In 2001 I branched out to start City Communications Integrated with two other partners and since that time we have built up a sizeable customer base including roughly two thousand customers across the United States and a network of about …