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Managed Service Providers Announce:

Test Drive #2

Their Latest TELECOM Technology Test Drive

Here’s what you get for being a test driver:

  • 3 months Free use of the telecommunications dashboard/management tool
  • 1 of only 5 entries into the random drawing for a brand new ipad
  • Posted review from your company on our site (includes company name, location and link)

  One of the 5 participants will also win:


(winners are picked randomly)


Try out a new telecom expense and asset management tool, designed to take telecom hassles out of your hands and into the hands of able service providers with unbelievable ease!  Control your locational spending, enter trouble tickets at the touch of a button, track the procurement process for your various locations around the globe, have more time to run your business better and more efficiently! 

To find out if your company qualifies contact:

Darren Prine @ 602.515.0395 or dprine@northwindscontactsolutions.com

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Test Drive #1 (closed)



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Current Trials:


Currently seeking 5 objective call center managers/directors or call center consultants to take a one week trial of a hosted/managed Virtual Call Center platform and write a review which will be published with you and/or your company name on our site in an upcoming issue.  Have you ever taken a Virtual Call Center solution for a test drive?  Now is your chance.  Test the VCC platform for one week, and write your review to be published online in an upcoming issue of Managed Service Providers Magazine.

Why would a call center director/manager or consultant want to take the time to test a solution for one week?
1. Free press for their company
2. They will be seen as a subject matter expert
3. The industry is arguably moving towards hosted solutions so this will give you the ability to try out/test an enterprise class hosted Virtual Call Center platform and learn about the strengths or weaknesses which may help determine if this type of solution might make sense for your company(ies) or clients.

If you or anyone you know are  interested in objectively testing this premeire VCC platform and writing a review for www.managedserviceproviders.biz online magazine, please have them contact:

DARREN PRINE:  PH. 602-515-0395

  • Cindi Cunningham

    Call Center Platform: The Northwinds Contact Solutions

    Reviewer Background:

    “Cindi is an experienced call center manager, director and consultant whose experience includes managing the global contact center for Holiday Inn Hotels. Cindi is currently available for contact center consulting opportunities”.

    Cindi Cunningham

    Customer Solutions and Contact Center Leader 303.909.6424

    As a call center leader, I've had the privilege of leading medium to large, Inbound and Outbound, customer contact centers worldwide.

    Previously, my team and I built one of the largest virtual operations for individual hotel customers. Most recently, I ran a call center operation where over 50% of the employee base worked from home. Times are changing and employees desire the flexibility that working from home provides them. No traffic-snarled travel/commute time, expense of gasoline, time away from family etc. We found that we often attracted a higher skilled employee as many had fulltime careers and opted to work for us on a part time basis. Allowing them to work from home gave them the flexibility to do so and we derived the benefit!

    Regardless of the company requiring customer contact activity, we each seek the most economical ways to run and support our businesses. It becomes quite expensive to purchase hardware and software and maintain staff on hand for 24×7 technical support. New versions are constantly being released for additional cost and capital expenditures fill our budgets!

    I found it simple and easy to use as well as affordable! The flexibility lends itself beautifully to supporting the variety of call center environments that exists today especially if companies experience seasonality in their business model and have a need to expand and contract from time to time.

    It was easy to establish parameters of desired phone activity and I like the fact that a company can easily change/modify those parameters on a case by case basis as their campaigns or clients change.

    I personally like to “inspect what I expect” and found metrics identification readily at my fingertips via the Northwinds platform solution.

    Key areas that I require, and are already provided:

    Securing productive calling activity on a campaign or agent basis
    Service level metrics
    Agent availability
    Totals as well as Averages
    I would most definitely recommend the Northwinds Platform to any company seeking a Virtual Call Center platform!